Are Cleveland Writers as Awful as Everyone Says They Are?
Written by Mark Coulter on July 28th 2021
This sites not finished, but neither is your novel. 
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About CWG
Cleveland Writer's Group is a budding collective of fiction writers aspiring to be the best in the world at their craft. Meeting weekly to share ideas, stories, tips, and tricks of the trade is only a small benefit of being a member. Writer's find solace in knowing there's social consequences for not bringing work to the group session. Rumor is they'll kick you out if you don't, or you'll have to do something humiliating to get back in. So mainly, the members just tend to show up with work done. If you're interested in joining, find a button or link somewhere. Then click over to where you divulge all your personal information (To which my lackey, Veronica, will harshly judge.)
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